CPA or CPA Student

Intro To Imperial

When it comes to financial management, we’re experts in our field. Our clients trust us to manage the finances of their business, so when they’re delivering patient care, spending time with their family, or on vacation, they are assured their business is in good hands.

Our Purpose – To give clients the freedom to design their best lives.

Our Values – Integrity, Service & Growth

For Imperial to build a lasting culture we live these values daily. They determine how we operate the company, how we act as individuals and how we evaluate potential team members.


  1. 100% transparency and honesty with all stakeholders – Transparency and honesty can hurt but we can’t truly serve our clients with integrity if we are not honest and transparent both internally and externally.
  2. Practice extreme ownership, no exceptions – We are always responsible for everything action and communication. There will never be a time that it is accepted to pass the blame to a teammate or client.
  3. Discipline equals freedom – We will be disciplined in our thought, processes, and actions. This discipline will allow us the opportunity to realize our goals as individuals and an organization. Goals we couldn’t imagine without discipline.
  4. Data is our lifeblood, we will ensure all data is accurate and secure, always – Data is by far our most valuable external input. We will take great care in collecting, storing, and transmitting data, without exception.


  1. We do the work – We will always take the time and do the work that needs to be done. That is what stakeholders expect of us and what we promise them when we accept them into the family.
  2. Everything we do must be done with and for a purpose – No matter the task, it is vital to the ensure the clients and teams goals are met. As such, everything we do will be given the respect it deserves, and the results will speak volumes.
  3. We will only work with ideal clients – Carefully selecting the clients we welcome into our family is of utmost importance. Our ability to serve our clients to the fullest is directly impacted by a clients fit with our unique offering. If someone is identified as not being ideal after a period of six months, we will have a candid conversation with them to ensure the engagement is mutually beneficial.


  1. Knowledge is at the heart of everything we are as an organization, if we are not learning and teaching, we are failing – If data is our lifeblood, knowledge is our heart. Without our unique knowledge and experience we can’t interpret the data into useful information and recommendations. It is for that reason that everyone on the team is required to expand their mind, continuously.
  2. Slow is steady, steady is fast – We all know the tortoise beats the hare in the fable. The same holds true in life. To build Imperial into an enduring great company we will do so sustainably. That means staying true to our hedgehog concept and 20-mile march. Although we may review results on a quarterly basis, we will not measure the suspect of the team quarter by quarter. Instead, we will maintain a longer time horizon to achieve our BHAG.
  3. Time is the most precious resource – For clients, the result of our service is time. Time, they didn’t have before that they can use how they see fit. As a result, we place a high value on time as it drives the growth of our business. As a direct input, our time generates revenue for the company. The growth also affords everyone extra time to spend with family and friends.

Who are we looking for – CPA or CPA Student 

Working closely with the bookkeeping team, this is a great opportunity for a capable individual to
support a growing company’s operations, grow with the company and be exposed to various areas of
accounting, finance, and tax.

We are looking for a full-time accountant. The candidate must be part of the CPA program
(current CPA or CPA student). The job duties would include:


  • Client relations:
    •  Supporting clients with CRA communications and document submissions
    • Filing of client’s tax documents in our electronic database
    • Assistance with documentation related to financial planning
    • Educate clients on how tax works in Canada (especially corporate tax)
    • Ability to pioneer new processes and leverage technology to create a unique client experience
  • Tax preparation and support:
    • Prepare annual tax plans for clients and ensure they are met
    • Preparation of T4 and T5 Slips based on client’s annual tax plans
    • Preparation of T1 returns based on client’s individual tax plans
    • Preparation of T3 returns
    • Preparation of T2 returns and compilation financial statements
    • Prepare and file HST returns (quarterly and annually)
  • Completion of full cycle bookkeeping for clients, including:
    • Prepare and maintain payroll and related government remittances/filings
    • Record payroll transactions in clients bookkeeping records
    • Recording expenses including those paid personally
    • Prepare Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) returns
    • Reconcile bank/cc/investment activity
    • Reconcile tax accounts (RC/RP/RT)
    • Draft financial statements
    • Corporate tax returns


  • Enrolment in CPA program or a current CPA member
  • 2 – 5 years' experience in an accounting firm or related career
  • Full-cycle bookkeeping experience
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Gmail, and Google suite apps
  • Robust working knowledge of CaseWare, Profile, and QuickBooks Desktop and Online

We take care of our people:

  • Competitive compensation (starting salary of $65,000-80,000)
  • Discretionary annual bonus and pay raises
  • Paid 3 weeks vacation
  • Health and vision insurance
  • Health Spending Account
  • Annual education allowance
  • Cell phone allowance
  • Health club allowance
  • Vacation pe diem
  • Flexible work hours and schedule
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