One of our clients wanted our team to make a tax appeal on their personal return in order to reduce the amount owing.


Our team is dedicated to finding every possible way for our clients to save money, so we submitted an appeal on their behalf following our findings.


After combing through our client’s personal tax return in order to uncover areas to save on their amount owing, we received notice from the CRA that they effectively reversed 100% of our client’s income inclusion that was originally proposed by auditors. This saved our client a total of $185,000!

  • Detailed review of tax returns
  • Appealing so you don’t have to
  • Incredible savings to put towards a new future

At ILM, our team is here to support all of our clients through any tax or finance related concerns so you can dedicate your time elsewhere. Through a deep dive into our client’s return, our detailed approach, and an appeal from our specialists, our client saved big on time, and money.

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