Moving into new stages of life can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. As our client transitioned out of her marriage, she realized that her net worth was something she would like to improve as she entered a new phase of financial independence. With the help of our team, we guided our client down a new path that gave her the confidence she needed to own and change her financial position for the better.

With ILM by her side, entering a new stage of life became an empowering moment where she could take charge of her future and feel great about the next chapter.


We created an in-depth plan to increase our client’s net worth and reach her monthly savings goal.


Through our detail-oriented approach and willingness to turn over every stone, we were able to save our client over $100,000 across three years in their MPC. As a result, their net worth increase surpassed the original savings amount, and we helped our client uncover more personal and MPC deductions on their tax return. Additional savings also included RRSP contributions and childcare deductions which would continue to benefit them over the coming three years.

  • A 6-figure net worth
  • Finding new deductibles in tax returns
  • Long-term and continuous savings
  • Building a strong foundation for a new future

At ILM, our team is here to support all of our clients through the many phases and transitional periods they may experience. Through asking the right questions and finding every available benefit for our client, we successfully increased their net worth and surpassed their savings goal.

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